Challenger Learning Center

Today’s students are tomorrow’s innovators. But too many lose interest in crucial subjects like science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at an early age. This limits their opportunities in life and their career options in a global economy.

To succeed in a rapidly changing world, students need exposure to a variety of fields, chances to work with their fellow students in real-world scenarios, and experiences that open their eyes to new possibilities for the future. For over 18 years, Challenger Oakland has given kids the tools to explore those possibilities through inspirational programming that promotes STEM education.

At Chabot, students of all backgrounds can embark on a simulated mission to Mars — all without ever leaving the room. During these immersive, interactive adventures, they work together to do hands-on experiments and solve challenging problems. Every student has a role to play in making the mission a success, building confidence in their own abilities and demonstrating the power of teamwork.

In a matter of hours, these missions ignite the potential within each student, opening their eyes to new skills and ideas that can lead to success in their careers and lives — and spark a passion for learning that will last a lifetime.

Some teacher comments about Oakland Challenger:

“This is an awesome educational experience. Great exposure to scientific principles & use of methods & also space exploration. Great opportunity for students to work together & make decisions.”

“I really appreciate how accommodating the mission staff was in dealing with the diverse needs of my students”.

“The entire experience was both unique & positive. Great program”.

“I liked the teamwork and meaningful activities for the students. The organization and leaders are absolutely top notch! Thank you! My class was so engaged (difficult group).”

Typical student comment;

“This was so fun!”

Parent comment;

“My daughter was more excited about the mission than her new puppy!”

Challenger School Field Trip Missions

The Challenger Mission Field Trip includes all Chabot exhibits, a planetarium show, and the mission for students in grades 5-12. An entire class participates in an immersive, simulated space adventure. Students experience living and working in a realistic spacecraft and an accurately provisioned mission control room. Working as one team, they have to solve critical challenges to successfully complete their mission objectives. Optional pre- and post-trip activities, lessons, and videos are included to extend student learning beyond the field trip.

To reserve and plan a mission for your class:
1. Review the Challenger School Field Trips FAQ 
2. Complete a reservation on our field trip page

Corporate Team Building Missions

Challenger Learning Center’s focus on teamwork is a perfect catalyst for corporate team building. The unique learning environment demands the attention of the participants, captures their imagination, and drives home your training message in a dramatic and memorable way.

The immersive environment and challenging tasks forces your team to work together and communicate effectively to solve critical challenges. The success of the mission depends on effective communication and problem-solving skills. The mission shatters routine conference room trainings with an unforgettable experience!

To reserve a corporate mission for your group:
1. Review the Challenger Corporate Team Building FAQ
2. Contact Chabot’s Facility Rental Department at rentals@chabotspace.org or 510-336-7439