Ferment It! A Pop-Up Event 18+

We’re dedicating one Friday night to play with one of the best chemical processes out there: fermentation!

January 24, 7-11pm

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Here at Chabot, we love to experiment and create, especially when the outcomes are delicious. We’re dedicating one Friday night to play with one of the best chemical processes out there: fermentation! Join us for an evening pop-up event with the Bay Area fermentation community where you can try yummy treats, learn how to home ferment, and get up close and personal with bacteria and yeast. This event is complete with demonstrations, talks, boozy booch, dance floor, and laser shows. Get effervescent with us! 

This event is for adults ages 18+. A valid ID is required to purchase alcohol.  


Featured Fermenters

  • Delicious alcoholic kombucha from Boochcraft
  • Learn how to make Kimchi with Chefs from Luke’s Local
  • Koji Fermentation for Meat Alternatives demo and tasting with Prime Roots
  • Fermentation Tastings with MYCOKIND
  • Everything but the SCOBY Kombucha Kit Making & Home Booch How To with Chabot Resident Maker Maddy Buck
  • Koji Charcuterie Tastings and Fermented Horchata demo with Shared Cultures
  • Kefir with WheyUp


Featured Workshop

Fermented Horchata

Eleana Hsu of Shared Cultures

Eleana is a fermentress focused on transforming foods with the magic of microbes and koji. Koji (kōji in Japanese, qu in Chinese, nurukgyun in Korean) is a culture made by growing different fungi on cooked grains or legumes in a warm, humid place (Shurtleff & Aoyagi 2012). What makes her most excited is creating newly imagined flavors using secondary produce through traditional and non-traditional fermentation methods. Eleana will be teaching two short 30-minute classes on how you can make a sweet, no sugar added Horchata drink at home! You can find and follow her on instagram @SharedCultures. 



Featured Talks

A Tale of Two Cultures

The Culture of Cultures with Brian Chau of Chau Time & MYCOKIND 

Brian Chau is Co-Founder and CEO of MycoKind LLC, a kindness that grows on you. He and his Co-Founders Hung Doan, a mycologist, and Stephen Young, an analytical chemist, are all fungal fanatics who strive to create a mushroom lifestyle brand. Our mission is to share our love of fungi with communities through research, products, and outreach. 

Brian Chau has always been fond of fungi for as long as he can remember. He’s like the Bubba Gump of mushrooms. He grows, cooks, eats, forages, and talks about mushrooms. For Ferment It!, he will extend his knowledge of food science and food systems into the world of fermentation through introductory science, history, and culture. 


Sourdough Making

Elizabeth Vecchiarelli of Preserved

Learn the magic and the maintenance of wild-yeast, naturally fermented sourdough starters! With just flour, water and a little bit of patience, you too can harness the power of wild fermentation to make breads, pancakes and more! Join Elizabeth Vecchiarelli, owner of Preserved, Oakland’s neighborhood fermentation shop for a talk on all things sourdough.  


Fascinated By Fungi

An Overview of Fungi in Biotechnology with Dr. Gordon Walker

Originally from Cambridge, MA, Dr. Gordon Walker moved to California to attend UC Santa Cruz where he developed a passion for scuba diving and home brewing. His interest in yeast and fermentation inspired him to attend UC Davis for graduate school where his doctoral research focused on the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae in wine production. 

Specifically yeast physiology and metabolism as it related to the fermentation ecology. After receiving his doctorate in Biochemistry from UC Davis, Gordon worked at Opus One Winery, isolating wild yeast for wine production and establishing redox potential as process parameter for the wine industry. Beyond his love of yeast, Gordon is an avid mycophile who runs the @fascinatedbyfungi account on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and iNaturalist. Beyond his obsession with fungi, he enjoys gardening, cooking for friends, and cats. 

Dr. Gordon A. Walker lives in Napa, CA and is active in the world of Bay Area biotechnology and innovation.