Lectures & Lasers

Friday, January 18 
6:30 pm to 10:00 pm

Want to impress your friends with your knowledge of science and culture? Looking for a new date night activity? Just want to kick back and watch a laser show? Join us at Chabot for our new Lectures & Lasers series! Every month we’ll be joined by experts, writers, and entertainers to delve into a new topic from rocket launches to pop astrology and everything in between. Then grab a drink and head to the planetarium dome for an immersive, multi-sensory music and laser light show. Shows, including the Beatles, U2, and Pink Floyd, will rotate each month. Beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, and desserts will be available for purchase. Bean Sprouts Café will be open from 6:30pm-8:30pm for dinner. Come early to explore the Center and enjoy dinner at Bean Sprouts Café before the show!  (This event is recommended for ages 15 and up).


(Doors open at 6:30pm)

Bean Sprouts Café Open: 6:30pm-9:30pm

Scott Manley Talk:
The Science Behind the Awesome Sights of Rocket Launches

8:15pm- Led Zeppelin Laser Show

9:15pm- Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon Laser Show


Full Program:
Lecture and Laser Shows: $15 / $10 for members


“The Science Behind the Awesome Sights of Rocket Launches” Talk by Scott Manley

Rockets put on an impressive show, but you might have wondered exactly why the Space shuttles’ engines produce an almost transparent exhaust, while the boosters generate an intense white smoky flame. The answer of course involves rocket science and a lot of amazing visuals looking in details at how rockets light up the sky.


Best known for his space themed YouTube channel where he brings science into video games and teaches kids of all ages the math behind rocket science. Originally from Scotland Scott Manley spent a decade in academia studying astrophysics and computational physics at the University of Glasgow and Armagh Observatory before being lured to the SF Bay Area by the prospect of a ‘paying job’ in the land of tech startups.

When Kerbal Space Program appeared, his videos explaining the game and the science behind it became big hits on YouTube. Scott’s videos generated over 100million video views and 500,000 subscribers in part because of his knowledge, but most likely because of his Scottish accent, tag lines and bad jokes.

Scott is also a long-term supporter of planetary defense having studied the asteroid hazard in his postgraduate work. He has worked with Asteroid Day and the B612 Foundation to promote the cause.

YouTube channel URL is http://youtube.com/user/szyzyg


Upcoming Lectures & Lasers Dates:

February 15th

“Kevin Deer & The 12 Mistresses of The Zodiac” Book Launch and Talk by Isaac Reed


Book Synopsis:

Kevin Deer is a junior at Cambridge High Boarding School. After a painful rejection by the one he thought he loved the most in life, the hopeless romantic has given up on finding love. Then, through chance, or perhaps fate, he discovers a way that guarantees him to find true love – he must get one woman from every Zodiac sign to fall in love with him in one calendar year. Twelve love stories. Twelve risky encounters. Twelve potential heartbreaks.  

He embarks on this quest with his two best friends Claire and Sam helping him. During this adventure of endearing bliss, they encounter twelve of the truest forms of each Zodiac. However, during their journey, they begin receiving messages from a mysterious cyber bully named “Z,” who threatens to ruin it all for Kevin as he proceeds in a direction he can’t stop.



Author Bio:

Isaac J. Reed is a serial entrepreneur and novelist based in the Bay Area in California.  Born and raised in Oakland, California, Reed eventually crossed paths with the Chabot Space and Science Center and joined the Galaxy Explorers program during his youth.  His experiences would lead him to start his own tech companies, launch a private wine label, and travel the world.

After success and exits in Silicon Valley with tech companies, Reed went on to pursue his true passion for writing.  “Kevin Deer and The 12 Mistresses Of The Zodiac,” is his first series of fiction novels published through Redwood Publishing. The young adult novels intertwine romance and astrology, and through these books, Reed hopes to inspire people of all shapes, colors, and ages.  


This Lectures & Lasers event is recommended for ages 12 and up.


March 15th

(More info coming soon)