Summer Of Stars

Welcome to a summer of astronomical curiosity!

Special Events July-September

Explore the birth of stars, their colorful diversity and what happens when they reach their thrilling end!

Stars are the best-known astronomical objects and compose the basic building blocks of galaxies. We can measure how a star changes over the course of time and predict their spectacular fate. Some stars can last millions to trillions of years and teach us a lot about our universe.

This stellar constellation of programs will leave you starstruck!


First Friday: Lifecycle of the Stars  

Buy Tickets Friday, July 7 6-10 p.m. $15 adults, $10 kids/seniors, and $5 members.  All ages, family-friendly   Join us for an evening of learning about the stellar processes that have […]

Sunset Science: Starlight Astronomy 

Buy Tickets Friday, July 28 6-9 p.m.  All ages, family-friendly  $15 Adult, $5 Youth, Members Free  What does a star’s color tell us about the star? What do we learn […]

First Friday: Colorful Constellations  

Buy Tickets Friday, August 4  6-10 p.m.  All ages, Family-friendly  $15 Adults, $10 Kids/Seniors, $5 Members  People have long used stars as tools for navigation and the grouping of stars […]

Perseid Meteor Shower

Buy Tickets 11:45 p.m. - 3 a.m.  $15 Adults (12+), $7 Kids, Free Members  Join Chabot astronomers for a watch party of one of most abundant meteor showers of the […]

Nocturnal: Space, The Final Frontier 

Saturday, August 26 6-10 p.m.   21+ and older  $20 member and non-member  Grab some Romulan Ale and bring your inner Trekker to a night celebrating all the things that we […]

First Fridays: Stellar Ending, Death of Stars  

Buy Tickets Friday, Sept 1 All ages, Family-friendly   $15 Adults, $10 Kids/Seniors, $5 Members  6-10 p.m.  Just like people, every star has a distinct life cycle, but not every […]