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Thank you for helping us reinvigorate the Planetarium

You made it possible for us to reach our goal of raising $89,000 for Oakland’s Planetarium. Thank you for helping us open up the doors to the universe for 150,000 people annually. Your support allows us to reinvigorate our planetarium and its ability to inspire and educate.

We are still accepting donations to go towards creating and enhancing Planetarium shows and experiences. All gifts received after Thursday, January 3 will be acknowledged digitally.

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About the Planetarium

The 241-seat full dome planetarium is a crowning jewel of STEM education at Chabot, along with interactive hands-on exhibits, space artifacts, a giant screen theater, a Challenger Learning Center, and research-level telescopes. At Chabot, the Digital Sky Planetarium Projection system creates the celestial magic in our Planetarium. This system is used to inspire and educate students, teachers, and visitors during their visits to Chabot.

It’s more than just a projection system.¬†Digital Sky enables Chabot educators to create and customize shows for early learners and for audiences of all ages, inspiring¬†150,000 visitors annually.


The Impact

Upgrading our technology brings our Planetarium quality a long way. Imagine vibrant, powerful, compelling astronomy and STEM-based shows that use modern technology to deliver an innovative educational experience.

Supporting the Planetarium enables Chabot to harness the power of visual storytelling to engage, inspire, and educate those who walk through our doors. Getting the Planetarium full dome digital theater system functioning in a stable state is a critical priority for the people of Oakland.

This upgrade will evolve this immersive viewing experience for learners of all ages. It will be more reliable and will create an optimized visual learning environment for all Chabot visitors.

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