OPENING 6/22: Luminous Moon

A New Exhibit Opening June 22

in Gruener Astronomy Hall

This is our Moon as you’ve never seen it

The only thing more extraordinary than the science we are learning about the Moon is its incredible beauty.

Chabot’s stunning new photographic essay explores the Moon’s sweeping craters and once-active volcanoes, with photos by NASA astronauts who witnessed its beautiful desolation firsthand, new views captured by our own astronomers using Chabot’s reflecting telescope, and images taken via satellite that allow us to explore places we have not even yet visited.  Our summer exhibit invites you to consider the moon in new ways.

Beyond the sweeping photography, the exhibit will offer hands on activities for visitors of all ages.

Outside on the Observatory Deck, if the moon is high enough in the sky and the weather is cooperative, we will have one of our magnificent telescopes trained on the lunar surface.

Complementing the exhibition, Chabot will be offering a full summer’s worth of lunar related events and activities.