Teacher Opportunities

At Chabot, we offer teacher workshops both during the school year and summer. In an effort to support teachers throughout the year, we are developing various teacher networks to achieve this goal. One of our most popular network opportunities involves a group called FEAST (Fun Exchanges and Activities for Science Teachers). A growing number of teachers, interested in science, meet six times during the school year at Chabot to share science lessons and engage in discussion about important science topics. To become a member of FEAST, go to the FEAST page and sign up to attend one of our sessions.  The 2018-19 FEAST Schedule will be posted in September.

Upcoming Workshops

Watch this space for the 2018-19 schedule.

2017-18 spring programs included:

ABC Nuclear Science Teacher Training (FEAST)
You Don’t Have to be a Nuclear Physicist to Understand Nuclear Science!
How would you and your high school students like to be able to conduct real nuclear science experiments in your classroom?  Professor Eric Norman and students from UC Berkeley’s Nuclear Engineering Department have obtained a grant from the American Nuclear Society that is being used to set up a “lending library” of scientific equipment and materials to enable such experiment to be conducted in local schools.  All materials are safe and designed for educational purposes.

Spring Field Trip for Teachers & Science Education Resource Fair

Join us for a “farmers market” style event where teachers cold talk with people from a wide range of science education programs while noshing and networking with fellow teachers. Discover great science resources from field trips, in-class programs, lesson plans, to professional development opportunities all under one roof!