Weather Station

Chabot’s Weather Station provides current weather conditions measured from Chabot’s rooftop vantage point.  Next time you visit the Center, look up at the tallest roof and see if you can find the Weather Station.

The Weather Station is courtesy of Davis Instrument Corp.

Weather and Telescope Observing Status

Did you know that Chabot’s large telescopes are sensitive to humidity?  Even sometimes when the sky seems clear, the domes might close because the outside air is too humid. We do this to protect these magnificent instruments.

What visitors need to know for viewing nights:

  • If the humidity is greater than 90%-100%, Leah and Rachel will be closed to protect their lenses.
  • Nellie is even more sensitive and will be closed when humidity is at 85%-100%.
  • The Observatories are closed when it is raining.

Check Chabot’s Current Weather Summary (above) to learn what the current humidity is before your visit.

Humidity is subject to rapid changes in our micro-climate, so please check frequently.

Rain and Barometer Information

Chabot’s rain readings are a popular tool for rain gauge fans.

  • Heavy rains and winds in the Oakland Hills can cause disruptions in the Weather Stations’ reporting of data.
  • If the readouts are not up to date, please try clearing your browser history


Chabot’s Coordinates:  37.81899 N Latitude, 122.18124 W Longitude, 1584 feet elevation.

The Clear Sky Chart below is produced by Attilla Danko, generated from data provided by the Canadian Meteorological Center.

  • Click on the image for more information on the Chart and how to read it.

For even more Chabot weather related data, visit:

Weather Station KCAOAKLA27 –


Clear Sky Chart