Celebrate Black History Month

At the Center

Artifacts from Dr. Mae Jemison, the first Black woman in space

In 1989, Dr. Mae Jemison was selected to join the STS-47 crew as the designated Science Mission Specialist. During that 1992 mission, Jemison spent 8 days in space, orbiting Earth 127 times. Check out her ATFE suit, which was used to measure bodily processes and provide feedback to help subjects control things like dizziness. Plus, check out a signed photo and replica flight suit from Mae Jemison’s  2001 visit to celebrate Chabot’s anniversary.


STEAM Stories

STEAM Stories highlight the diverse backgrounds of people working in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Sharing stories or experiences builds trust, cultivates norms, transfers knowledge, facilitates learning, and generates emotional connections. When we see ourselves represented in the faces and voices of people who work the sciences, we have more trust and can imagine ourselves in STEAM industries.



First Woman

First Woman tells the tale of Callie Rodriguez, the first woman to explore the Moon. Through a series of graphic novels and digital platforms, First Woman aims to capture our attention and unite the next generation of explorers who will return to the Moon.


Virtual Events on NASA TV

Tune in for virtual events on NASA TV and social media channels. NASA’s team of doctors, astronauts and more come together to discuss Black Health & Wellness in Space, Mental Health and Suicide Awareness, Nutritional Health and more.


Image Gallery

Get to know the many Black researchers, scientists, engineers, communicators and more that help NASA answer today’s big questions in space exploration.


Honoring Black Americans In Space

Learn more about the key roles Black astronauts have played in some of NASA’s most important missions, including assembling the International Space Station, conducting vital spacewalks, operating robotics and more.


From Our Community

In The Know With CaT Bobino

Come be “In The Know” with Oakland STEM ambassador Cat Bobino! In this podcast, join CaT Bobino, Biologist, and media personality, as she interviews guests who are in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as their day jobs.  If you are interested in finding out about more careers in STEM than what you see in media, this is the podcast for you.


Learning For Justice

Illustration: Alleanna Harris

Designed with teachers in mind, learn about how to prioritize Black mental health and self-care, teach the richness of Black history and more.


African American Museum and Library

AAMLO is for researchers, students, and anyone interested in African American history. Its collection consists of approximately 12,000 volumes by or about African Americans. There are books on religion, the military, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and the Black Panther Party.


How can you celebrate Black History Month in Oakland?

Photo: Michele Yuen

There are so many ways for families and kids to celebrate Black History Month in our community. Check out this calendar for upcoming crafts, storytimes, performances, parades and more


Online Scavenger Hunt

Great for kids in 4-9 grade, this virtual scavenger hunt helps students sharpen their internet searching skills while learning about important figures in Black history.