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Go beyond the ordinary: explore space, science and technology at Chabot and NASA Ames Visitor Center!

Get ready for you and your class to embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure that sparks your students’ imagination. We are excited to welcome you to Chabot Space & Science Center, home of NASA Ames Visitor Center.

Students are immersed in hands-on NGSS-aligned design challenges that show them what it is like to work at NASA such as building and driving rovers, testing plane designs in a wind tunnel, and tinkering with materials to test an astrobee space robots.

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Chabot offers two different packages for field trips.

1. Museum Visit (Exhibits + Planetarium Show)

Up to 32 students max per group, 7 adults, including teacher, $390

2. Workshop Package (Exhibits + Planetarium Show + 60 min Workshop)

Up to 32 students max per group, 7 adults including teacher, $525

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3. NEW! Space Week at Your School

Save the transportation money and we will bring the Chabot NASA Experience to your school. We offer a wide variety of exciting outreach opportunities. We are available for week-long events, astronomy and science nights and intercessions with custom programming to meet your student’s needs.

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Every Field Trip Includes:

  • A visit to The NASA Experience which is a highly facilitated and hands-on exhibition that brings to life the thrilling, challenging and inspiring process of scientific discovery by showcasing the real stories and people at NASA’s Ames Research Center.
  • A visit to experience the sights and sounds of Chabot’s Mission Control, modeled after the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Mission Control
  • A Planetarium show that uses three visualization systems, which operate independently or in combination, to transport audiences on explorations of the Earth and Beyond.
  • A live Science Show that features a series of exciting science demonstrations performed live by Chabot’s science educators, highlighting concepts in chemistry, physics, and more.
  • Access to our beautiful and science experience-filled Observation Deck and adjacent Redwood Park for a nature hike

Field Trip Days and Times

● Available Wednesday – Friday September 21st, 2022- June 2nd 2023

● 9:45 am – 1:45 pm