Design 4 Change Student Projects

The Chabot Satellite Academy is an innovative collaboration between the Chabot Space and Science Center and Hillcrest School in the Oakland Unified School District. During the 2018-19 School year, 102 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students used Chabot as their satellite learning site once a week.

Over the course of the yearlong program, students worked on two major projects in small groups. During the fall semester, students created their own version of an exhibit at Chabot and learned how to facilitate their project with the public. The project culminated in an Expo of the new exhibits for all the elementary students at their school and the public.

During the spring semester, students conducted Design 4 Change projects in groups. Each project focused on finding solutions to one of four challenges in our local and global community: climate change, social equality, human health, and litter and waste. The projects involved researching a question of interest and then share their work with others through a creative medium, such as a video, website, or book. The semester culminated in short public presentations from each group of students in the MegaDome Theater at Chabot.

Below are overviews of the spring student projects. Each entry lists the project title, the essential question that was investigated, and student names. To see the actual projects, click on the project type next to the title.

Theme: Climate Change

Changing the Climate (Film)

What are some of the effects of climate change and how can we prevent people from doing acts that contribute to climate change before it is too late? Diya Shah, Jack Edgar, Alina Gurney
Group 3 (6th)

Climate Change (Website)

How can we inform the public about climate change and its effects right now and in the future of earth through a website? Tristan West, Osagie Enabulele
Group 16 (7th)

Climate Change (Website)

With our previous knowledge on climate change, how can we rally a huge group protest against world leaders and corporations that will allow them to see their damage? Aubrie Jalowiec, Ruth Chew
Group 28 (8th)

Climate Change Children’s Book (Book)

How can people without much political power make a contribution to stop climate change and how big of an impact can they make? Nikhil Vijay, Ava Rukavina, Caitlyn Morgan
Group 2 (6th)

Climate Clicker (Game)

How are we able to inform children about modern problems, like climate change, in a fun and interactive way, by promoting awareness and influencing change? Diego Young, Winnie Mogan, Greg Goyne
Group 32 (8th)

Climate Quest (Game)

How can we inform others of what climate change is doing and how to do your part in stopping it? Zachary McGowan, Zachary Hyde
Group 17 (7th)

Help Change Climate Change (Website)

What can the government, industry, and people at home do to help our environment with climate change. Alexi Leduc, Lars Vogler, Eli Bartkowiak
Group 15 (7th)

Zero and Beyond (Website)

How can we inform our community about climate change and inspire them to reduce their carbon footprint? Audrey Hynes, Katherine Maus, William Edgar
Group 1 (6th)

Theme: Social Equity

ACES (Website)

How can we educate and destress the public on childhood trauma? Leila Tse, Olivia Myers, Tatiana Speer
Group 31 (8th)

Adverse Childhood Experiences (Presentation)

How can we educate adolescents about the ACE test, allow them to access there score, and come up with strategies and solutions for an ACE score of 3 or above. Andrew Feldman
Group 24 (7th)

Adversity Awareness (Podcast)

Through a podcast, how can we make our community aware of the people with childhood trauma, a high ACES score and ways they have learned to get past that time in their life? Ava Wilson, Zachary Tanenbaum, Maia Beltran
Group 29 (8th)

Benji fights for LGBTQ+ (Film)

How can we deeply educate young children to be able to face issues such as homophobia in their future as adults? Joseph Waltzer, Charles Mogen, Fiona Addy
Group 5 (6th)

Food deserts (Website)

How can we raise awareness for the levels of poor food access in low-income neighborhoods? Cami Inadomi, Zyaha Mayfield, Jessica Waltzer, Asher Kramer
Group 23 (7th)

LGBTQ+ Social Equity Project (Film)

How do we stop social biases that affect the LGBTQ+ community, and help expand people’s mindsets to accept everyone for who they are? Celeste Noguera, Sophia Roven, Sophia Farinella
Group 21 (7th)

Toxic Masculinity (Film)

How can people’s actions, associated with masculinity, change the way children grow to think of themselves? How can we inform these people to recognize this, and possibly change? Mikah Palmore, Nadia Young, Noah Beltran
Group 4 (6th)

Why Are You So Mean To Me? (Book)

How can we show different peoples experiences with inequity to deepen their understanding of how they negatively affect our society? Sabina Nieto, Elias Cross, Nahel Negash
Group 22 (7th)

Theme: Human Health

Appetizing Alternatives (Website)

How can we convince people to trade their unhealthy snacks for our alternate healthy ones? Frankie Croteau, Alex Chin, Sophia Hesseltine
Group 13 (7th)

Homeless Awareness (Website)

How can we use an internet platform to spread awareness and learn more about the unhealthy living conditions of the homeless community? Fiona Corbett, Mia Palmore
Group 33 (8th)

How to live longer and healthier life (Website)

Our essential question is, How can we help people live a long healthy life by informing them about their everyday diet choices, physical choices, and social life that will make them aware of their health judgment without scaring them into an unnecessary drastic change? Adam Sutro, Jacob Glasgow, Cooper Shaeffer, Joe Netick
Group 7 (6th)

Ingredients With Purpose (Book)

How can we use beneficial and delicious recipes to encourage our community to change their dietary habits in order to attain a more wholesome state of mind and healthy body image? Gabriella Maniatis, Leila Dubon, Orelia Oiknine
Group 36 (8th)

Lgbtq+ Teen Mental Health (Website)

How does gender and sexuality affect mental health in teens? Ella Nichelini
Group 30 (8th)

M&M Health Podcast (Podcast)

Using a podcast, how can we create awareness for how bad eating habits can negatively affect your life, and how can we prevent these negative health effects using healthier food options and exercising routines? Miles Brockbank, Miles Junge
Group 34 (8th)

Making America Skinny, one Vegetable at a time (Website)

How can we spread awareness of obesity in America Adam Moakher, Evan Rhee, Josh Rhee
Group 14 (7th)

Some People Don’t Live Perfect Lives (Book)

How can we spread awareness about mental health among the young adult community? Maya Gilliam, Leya Duarte
Group 37 (8th)

The Journey Of An Infectious Disease

How will we create a fun and interactive video that informs and teaches others about diseases and how they spread and manifest, so that viewers can prevent and lower risks of inquiring these diseases? Conor Junge, Iyobosa Enabulele
Group 35 (8th)

Theme: Litter & Waste

A Bundle of Trash (Book)

How can we bring awareness to our community
about the trash in our Ocean?
Graham Wootton, Neela Trockle, Niamh Cawely, Sofia Corbett
Group 27 (8th)

Group 11’s Film (Film)

How can we change people’s awareness of the waste and litter in our cities and parks, and how or has it affected us and the Earth. Tete Rueca, Hayden Burton, Gabe Duarte
Group 11 (6th)

Join the Green Side on website/ Ocean litter on Slide (Website)

How can we stop littering and pollution throughout the world by creating a website that can inform people in our community that littering is a harmful problem that has to be stopped? We can stop this problem by doing things like using fewer plastics and picking up waste and litter off the ground. Spencer Vu, Sam Bierlink, Charlie Wittmayer, Robbie Grace
Group 12 (6th)

Litter Around Us (Website)

The increasing amounts of waste and litter engulf our priorly clean streets and neighborhoods. So how can we reduce the litter and waste by giving it more attention from regular people? Mia Fassi-Fihri, Cameron Appelbaum, Liam Irwin
Group 20 (7th)

Litter City (Game)

How can we get everyday community members to start to help clean up litter regularly and what are citizens willing to give up for this cause? Rishi Vijay,rew Maus, Saahil Bakhru, Aidan McGhee
Group 9 (6th)

Litter Cycles (Film)

How can we create a safe and clean environment for all species to live in, but still using the trash to repurpose it or use it in a different way to not harm the environment? Nick Bauer, Nico Plaisted, Parker Skelton
Group 18 (7th)

Pling Bling (Website)

How can we teach people about the consequences of our waste? Claire Lonergan, Oliver Hervey, James On, Hans Huetter
Group 19 (7th)

Group 25’s Presentation (Film)

How can a film about robotics change people’s view of throwing away waste around local restaurants? How can we entice people to make their own robotic creations to help their community? Alex Grace, John Irwin, Rebecca Lee, Harry Hollins, Daniel Thornton
Group 25 (8th)

The Evolution of a Rose (Art)

If people in our community do not do anything about waste and litter, what will happen to our community as a whole, and the plants, animals, and people living within it? Madeleine Karaca, Marigold Chung, Nico Magana
Group 8 (6th)

Waste and Litter short (Film)

How does litter affect us and what can we do to help? Aidan O’Connell,Spencer Wootton
Group 10 (6th)