Research at Chabot

Astronomical observing programs have been an ongoing affair at Chabot for over a century. Take a look at some of the programs Chabot staff astronomers, volunteers, and members of the Eastbay Astronomical Society are conducting while you sleep…


NEO Forecast – upcoming NEO close approaches to Earth

In July 2008, Chabot Space & Science Center’s 36-inch telescope, Nellie, was officially designated Observatory G-58 by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center (MPC), and selected to contribute to its Near Earth Object (NEO) detection and tracking program.

In this program, observatories around the world contribute by searching for and tracking NEOs: asteroids, and comets, whose orbits can carry them close to Earth and which are large enough to cause catastrophic damage should they hit us.


Upper Boundary Layer Aerosol and Humidity Over San Francisco Bay

Aerosol optical depth (AOD) has been measured at Chabot Observatory in the San Francisco Bay Area from 2002 through 2017. These data have been compared with concurrent meteorological and local surface pollution data.