Honorary Funds

The Jean Spees Memorial Fund

Jean was a special friend and longtime supporter of Chabot. She dedicated countless hours helping to build the  Center’s volunteer program and personally greeted busloads of children from all over the Bay Area to Chabot. She was on the Gala committee and helped organize many successful fundraising events. She loved spending Friday nights with her children and grandchildren looking at celestial objects through the Center’s telescopes.
Donations to the Jean Spees Memorial Fund will be used to support STEM education programs at Chabot Space & Science Center.

Dr. Theodore Tarbell Memorial Fund for Galaxy Explorers

Dr. Theodore Tarbell received his PhD from Caltech in 1976, and joined the solar group at Lockheed Research Laboratory in Palo Alto. He was a cornerstone of the group and critical for the success of many LMSAL solar projects and a leader in the international physics community. He was a great mentor to many young scientists. His family and friends chose to honor his memory with a fund to support Chabot’s Galaxy Explorers program.

Donations in honor of Dr. Tarbell will support Chabot’s Galaxy Explorer and internship programs.

Legacy Funds

Dr. Terry Galloway Bequest (est 2019). Founder of Intellergy, Dr. Galloway, who earned his Ph.D. at Caltech, was a former board member and volunteer, and avid amateur astronomer.


Kingsley Wightman Memorial Fund (est. 2007). Kingsley Wightman, dubbed “Mr. Science” by generations of Oakland school children, was an educator and Director at Chabot Space & Science Center for more than 30 years.

Legacy Fund Donation


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