Featured Exhibit

Project Create is a station based tinkering space encouraging hands on exploration.  Plan to roll up your sleeves and spend some time building Marble Machines, creating a movie at our Stop Motion Stations, designing at Tinker Tailor, and checking out all Project Create has to offer.

Sky Portal

Stop in to our new view of the sky: see what the sky looked like at the time and place of your birth or select another meaningful date. The adventurous can also view the future sky. Take a seat and be transported.

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Observation Deck

Visit an array of Observation Stations on Chabot’s new 3200 sq ft deck expansion.

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Touch the Sun

Seen the Sun today? Not like this! Come and meditate on the heart of the Solar System in all its electromagnetic glory…

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Beyond Blastoff

Do they eat caviar on the International Space Station? How do they work when they float out of their chairs? How do they go to the bathroom?! Come and get a peek into the daily working lives of the most exclusive and elite club not on Earth…

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Destination Universe

There are more stars in the Universe than grains of sand in all of Earth’s beaches (we did the math). Come take a stroll along that cosmic beach and find what is to be found out there…

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One Giant Leap: A Moon Odyssey

One person’s small step is another’s giant leap. Step into a Moon Odyssey and take a leap forward into adventure!

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Discovery Lab

A hands-on, open lab environment where you and your child can interact through play and inquiry.

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