Featured Exhibit

The NASA Experience

Located in Fremont Bank Studio 1

The NASA Experience is a hands-on exhibition that brings to life the thrilling, challenging and inspiring process of scientific discovery by showcasing the real stories and people at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Visitors step into the role of a NASA scientist through embarking on hands-on challenges, exploring more than 30+ objects that showcase Ames’ past and future, and getting to know real NASA scientists.

Studio 2: Going The Distance

Our exciting new exhibition explores how humans are expanding our boundaries by moving farther into the Universe than ever before.

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Observation Deck

Visit an array of Observation Stations that invite you to observe the world around you in new ways on our new 3200 sq ft deck expansion.

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Touch the Sun

Seen the Sun today? Not like this! Come and meditate on the heart of the Solar System in all its electromagnetic glory…

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