Studio 3: CoLab: Other Worlds

Three young visitors playing in Astronomy Hall.

Located in the H. Gruener Astronomy Hall

play, collaborate and test new ideas

CoLab is a space to play, collaborate and test new ideas. Bring your unique approach to challenges and help our team learn how to improve our newest activities.


explore living and building on another world

What would be different if you lived and worked on another planet? 

Living and building outside of Earth means leaving behind the life-sustaining features of our world. Our out-of-this world homes need to mimic Earth’s environment, but how will we build them?


Young visitor using the Marsquake station. Play

Can your design stand up to a Marsquake? Build and test designs for other worlds with shaking tables, snapping circuits and other stations.



Young visitors working and building together using large Legos. Collaborate

Work together with your group, other visitors and even the Chabot team to create and provide feedback. Live feedback helps us improve each other’s designs and the exhibition itself!



Two children working on a workshop in Astronomy Hall. Test

How high can your rocket fly? How fast can a train go? Ask questions and perform tests to prepare your creations for launch!