Galaxy Explorers

Two students who are Galaxy Explorers working outdoors on a project

Expand your universe as a Chabot Galaxy Explorer (GE)! The GE Program offers high school 10th-12th graders an opportunity to learn and serve while nurturing their passion for space. As a volunteer at the Chabot Space & Science Center and the affiliated NASA Ames Visitor Center, you will learn how to help visitors discover the wonders of space and develop a passion like yours. As part of Chabot’s Oakland Space Academy, the GE Special Interest Teams allow you to develop your own understanding of space and explore a wide range of space and science-related careers.

We are not currently accepting new applications to the Galaxy Explorers Program. We have an open application period each Spring for students to begin that Summer. Check back in February or March for more information.


Half of your time as a Galaxy Explorer will be interacting with Chabot visitors, sparking excitement and building knowledge about the wonders of the universe and the impact of space right here on Earth. During these Floor Facilitation Shifts, you will be a museum explainer on the floor. You will use museum exhibits and science kits to explain science topics including space vacuums, meteorite identification, biotechnology, aerodynamics, and more. You will sign up for these shifts online to accommodate your schedule. During the summer, you are expected to complete 3 floor shifts per month; you complete 2 per month during the school year.

During the school year, the other half of the GE Program is the Special Interest Teams. Students are assigned to a Team based on their interests and availability, and work on group projects to dive deeper into real-world questions from space and STEM fields. Teams change each school semester and have 7 meetings each term, followed by a public showcase event.


Mandatory virtual orientation session with students and families.

Mandatory Summer or Fall GE kick-off.

Summer 2024: 3 Floor Facilitation Shifts per month of approximately 4 hours each, flexibly scheduled Wednesday through Sunday.

School Year 2024-25: 2 Floor Facilitation Shifts per month of approximately 4 hours, flexibly scheduled on weekends AND

7 Team meetings (pre-scheduled on weekends) over each semester as a member of one of the GE Teams – Astronomy, Engineering, Environment, and Digital Media. You may choose to schedule your Floor shift on the same day as your Teams meetings.


Continued involvement in the GE Program opens doors for more opportunities in space science. After a year as a Galaxy Explorer, you are eligible to apply to be a Chabot GE Mentor. GE Mentors support incoming GEs as they learn how to be Floor Facilitators for museum visitors.

Summer 2025, GEs completing their first year may also apply for available offsite summer programs including the Chabot-NASA Ames summer program. Some programs may offer stipends.

At the end of 11th grade, GEs demonstrating leadership, good attendance, and strong Teams participation may apply to become GE Interns with stipends attached.

The Bay Area has a growing space-related industry. However, that industry does not reflect the population of our region. Chabot has received a grant to increase access to these careers for Oakland students from low-income families. If you are interested in more information about this program, which includes some Mentor and Intern fellowships, you may indicate that in your application.